Emmy nominated (Outstanding Cinematography- Sports) camera operator and director of photography with a focus on docu-follow reality and documentary for over a decade. Strong storytelling instinct with an imaginative eye.
Skilled in lighting/camera for reality, documentary, interviews, and green screen.
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Director of Photography (Sony FS7) -- Prisoner of Love (Season 1 Investigation Discovery)

Director of Photography (Sony FS7) -- Finding Adventure (Hearst Pilot)

Camera Operator (Sony F800) -- Married at First Sight: Unfiltered (Season 12 Lifetime)

Camera Operator (Sony FS7) -- America's Cheapest Families (Season 1 TLC)

Director of Photography (iPhone 11) -- 90 Day Foodie Call (Season 1 TLC)



Camera Operator (Sony FS7) -- Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant (Season 3 MTV)

Camera Operator (Sony FS7) -- Marrying Millions (Season 2 Lifetime)

Director of Photography (Sony FS7) -- 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way (Season 2 TLC)​

Camera Operator (Sony FS7) -- 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After (Season 5 TLC)

Camera Operator (Sony FS7) – 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way (Season 2 TLC)

Director of Photography (DP) (Sony PMW-300, Canon C300) – Unexpected (Season 4 TLC)

Camera Operator (Sony FS7) – sMothered (Season 2 TLC)

Camera Operator (Sony PMW-300) – 90 Day Fiance: What Now? (Season 4 TLC)



Camera Operator (Arri Alexa Mini) – The Player's Tribune - Reality/Doc (Online)

Camera Operator (Sony PMW-300, Sony FS7, Canon 5D) – 90 Day Fiance (Season 7 TLC)

Camera Operator (Sony PMW-200, Canon 5D) – 90 Day Fiance: What Now? (Season 3 TLC)

Director of Photography (DP) (PMW-300, Canon C300) – Unexpected (Season 3 TLC)

Camera Operator (PMW-300) – Love After LockUp (Season 2 WE)

Camera Operator (Sony PMW-300) – Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta (Season 11 TLC)

Camera Operator (Sony PMW300) – 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way (Season 1 TLC)



Assistant Camera (Canon C300, A7S, Osmo) – Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall (Season 6 Investigation Discovery)

Camera Operator (Sony PMW-300, Canon 5D) – 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? (Season 4 TLC)

Director of Photography (DP) (Canon C300) – Next Viral Food Trend (Food Network Pilot)

Assistant Camera (Sony FS7) – Dirty Mudder Truckers (Season 1 Discovery Channel)

Producer/Shooter (Sony FS5, Sony A7S ) – Tiny House Nation (Season 5 FYI)

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) – Racing Lives (Season 1 CMT)



Camera Operator (Arri Amira) – A Season With Navy Football (Season 3 Showtime)

Camera Operator (Canon C100) – Ozinga Concrete (Commercial)

Camera Operator (Sony EX-1) – Rattled (Season 2 TLC)



Assistant Camera (Sony F55) – A Season with Florida State Football (Season 2 Showtime)

Camera Operator (Sony F55, 5D Underwater) – Insane Pools (Season 2 ANimal Planet)

Producer/Shooter – Theme Queens (HGTV Pilot)



Assistant Camera (Sony F55) – A Season with Notre Dame Football (Season 1 Showtime)

Assistant Camera (Panasonic HDX-900, HPX200, GoPro) – Restaurant Impossible (Season 12 Food Network)

Camera Operator (Canon C-300) – Pitch Slapped (Season 1 WE)

Assistant Camera (Sony F800) – Saturday Morning Fever (FUSE Pilot)

Assistant Camera (Panasonic HDX-900, HVX-200 GoPro) – Restaurant Impossible (Season 11 Food Network)



Assistant Camera (HDX 900 HVX-200 ) – Restaurant Impossible (Season 10 Food Network)

Camera Operator (PMW-300) – Barn Hunters (Season 1 Great American Country)

Camera Operator (Sony EX-3) – 90 Day Fiance (Season 2 TLC)

Assistant Camera (HDX 900) – Restaurant Impossible (Season 9 Food Network)

Camera Operator – Tabloid (Season 2 Investigation Discovery)

Camera Operator (PMW-200) – Tourist Trap (Food Network Pilot)

Assistant Camera (Sony F800 and Sony F3) – Frankenfood (Season 1 SpikeTV)

Producer/Shooter – Danny Garcia Highlight (SHO)

Camera Operator – NSCAA Convention (Soccer Livestream)

Producer/Shooter – Roast of Terrell Owens (Philadelphia Comedy Roasts)



Camera Operator (PMW-EX3) – We Could Be King (ESPN)

Camera Operator – Good Food America (Season 2 Veria Living)

Media Manager – Good Food America (Season 2 Veria Living)

Media Manager – Valley Forge Resort and Casino (Commercial)

Assistant Camera – Cousins on Call (HGTV)

Assistant Camera (Sony PDW-F800, Canon 5D MIII, GoPro) – Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition (Season 3 ABC)

Camera Operator (Panasonic HPX170) – United Nations OCHA (In House United Nations)

Producer/Shooter (Panasonic AF100) – National Safety Council (In House for NSC)



Assistant Camera (RED Epic) – Temple Made (Commercial)

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) (Arri Alexa, Panasonic 3100, GoPro) – Hard Knocks Training Camp With The Miami Dolphins (HBO)


Media Manager – Good Food America (Season 1) (Veria Living)

Assistant Camera – My Crazy Obsession (Season 1) (TLC)



Camera Operator (Panasonic HVX, Panasonic 3100) – NFL Films Presents (NFL Network/ESPN)

Assistant Camera – Road To Punk'n Chunkin (Science Channel)

Assistant Camera (Arri Alexa) – 9/11 Taps Memorial (NFL In-Stadium)

Director of Photography (2nd Unit DP) (HVX 200) – Noodle And Doodle (PBS Sprout)

Media Manager – Good Neighbor Pharmacy (Commercial)

Camera Operator (HVX 200) – Between Two Ferns With Zack Galifianakis: Steve Carrel (Funny or Die)

Media Manager – Pepsi: Back to Football (Super Bowl Commercial)



Assistant Camera (Sony F900, Arri SR3 HS, GoPro, Canon 5D) – Hard Knocks Training Camp With The New York Jets (HBO)

Assistant Camera – Lombardi (HBO)